Astronomical dating of odyssey

Almost ten year after the ten year Trojan war the Greek hero Odysseus , who was the leader of the group inside the Trojan horse, reached home to find that his wife Penelope was being harassed by unruly suitors. In Book 20, the seer Theoclymenus warned the suitors. Plutarch and Heraclitus thought this was a reference a solar eclipse and some scholars dated it to the eclipse on April 16, B. Many scholars think that the lines refers to an allegorical eclipse, not a historical one. Since the above passage was suspect, Marcelo O. Instead they picked on non-allegorical astronomical references in Odyssey such as.
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Homecoming of Odysseus May Have Been in Eclipse

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New date determined for eclipse in Homer's Odyssey - The Archaeology News Network

A century ago, astronomers calculated that such an eclipse occurred over the Greek islands on April 16, B. But nearly all classics scholars are highly skeptical of any connection. An analysis of astronomical references in the epic has led two scientists to conclude that the homecoming of Odysseus, usually considered a fictional character set in the context of a real historical event, possibly coincided with the solar eclipse. They concede that scholars of Homer are still not likely to give much credence to the idea.
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Celestial Clues Hint At Eclipse In Homer's Odyssey

Date created: According to a new study of the epic tale "The Odyssey", by the ancient Greek poet Homer, a total solar eclipse occurring during Odysseus' return from Troy could help trace a more accurate timeline for the city's fall. Astronomical clues found in Homer's "The Odyssey" could help confirm a total solar eclipse when Odysseus returned home, providing a potentially accurate timeline for the fall of Troy, two scientists reported Monday. Historians and classicists for centuries have debated the eclipse hypothesis in the ancient Greek poet's epic work, concluding reluctantly that no such reference exists in either "The Odyssey" or its predecessor, "The Iliad.
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Among countless other debates about Homer's Odyssey -- not the least of which is whether the entire poem can be attributed to Homer himself -- is whether Odysseus returns home to experience a total solar eclipse. But a Rockefeller University scientist and a colleague from Argentina believe they have found astronomical references in the Odyssey that provide corroborating evidence of this celestial event. Total eclipses, when the moon briefly but completely blocks the sun, happen pretty rarely. In fact, they're so rare that if what Homer describes is truly an eclipse, it could potentially help historians date the fall of Troy, which was purported to occur around the time of the events described in the Iliad and the Odyssey.
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